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What is Wesley?

Lamar Wesley is a campus ministry of the United Methodist Church whose purpose is to love students as much as we can and walk with them as they explore their faith, build community, and serve others. We’re kind of like a church but all college students! We have a free lunch on Thursday's at 12:30 pm and we do small groups but we also do a bunch of other stuff that “normal” churches don’t. We hang out in-between classes, we have deep conversations ranging from the state of the world to our favorite tv shows. We have intense Mario Kart matches and we serve the community by volunteering. 

What’s the vibe? Is it real churchy?

While we are a student ministry, we’re pretty chill. We pride ourselves on not just accepting everyone as they are, but celebrating each person’s unique gifts. If you’ve been a part of a church that has shamed you or made you feel excluded, we’re sorry that happened to you and we hope you’ll give us a shot at showing you we’re different.

Are y’all allies?

Absolutely, 100%! We believe all people are made in God’s image and that God loves all people exactly as they are. That means if you’re straight or queer, if you’re non-binary, cis, or trans, if you’re still figuring things out, God loves you, period, end of statement, no ifs ands or buts. 

The church has done so much harm to the LGBTQ community for generations and there’s no fixing all the harm that’s been done. Our goal is to take a small step forward and let this community be a place where all people know they are beloved children of God.

What if I’m not Methodist, am I allowed to attend?

Yes! Wesley is a ministry for all students whether or not you are Methodist, whether or not you go to church, whether or not you’re even Christian at all! Just to give you some context, in any given semester, only about 10-15% of Wesley students have a Methodist background. We have some members who’ve never missed church a week in their life, some who haven’t walked inside a church in years, and some who are of a different faith or no faith at all. When we say we’re a ministry for all people, we mean all people.


Tell me about the building

​​​​We’re open Monday through Thursday 9 to 5 and we always have free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and Wi-Fi so come by and say hello, stay a little while, and make some new friends!

Need a place to get some intense studying done or take a proctored exam? Head to our quiet study room. 

We’re located at 4590 Cheek Street, right behind the dining hall and next to Combs Hall. We call ourselves a student center because people come here to do all sorts of things. Eat lunch, hang with friends, attend worship, get homework done, play ping-pong, you name it. 

How do I start? Do I have to sign-up?

Nope, no sign-ups required! You can come to one of our events that happen each week or you can stop by in-between classes and and meet people. 


More questions?

You can contact Pastor Kyle by:


Calling or texting our phone number: 409-728-7473

Instagram: @thewesleylu

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