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Muck & Gut is the phrase that is used when a disaster hits and the homes need to have walls and insulation removed. Sometimes furniture and items will need to be removed from the home.  This helps to keep the house from obtaining dangerous mold growth.

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Distribution Centers are set up during disasters to help the community get the immediate assistance that they need.  These centers are not permanent, but are there to help families get back on their feet.

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Tarping a roof takes a little extra courage than mucking & gutting.  When a team covers a homeowners roof with a tarp, this is not meant as a permanent solution.  The homeowner will need to have the roof fixed as soon as possible and not rely on the tarp as their new roof.

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 These forms consist of detailed questions to help us understand what skills are needed in a work team.  When we have enough volunteers for a team, we will contact you.

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