Haunted Hotel

The WF will go to the Haunted Hotel in Beaumont, on Oct 10th, and eat at New York Pizza & Pasta. We are purchasing tickets in advance, make sure to get your money turned in soon.

Escape Room

The WF hosts an Escape Room for FREE on Oct 30th! Groups of 5 can register for a time to try to defeat the Escape Room 2020. A link will be provided for sign-up as the event gets closer.

Chill at the WF

The Wesley Foundation is open M-TH 9am-6pm and on Fri 9am - 3pm.  We have a study room, a room for video games, ping pong, pool, and we always have free coffee.  The kitchen is open to cook, as long as you clean your mess up.  Come hang out during your free time at the WF.

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